Why We Don’t Use Coconut Oil in Our Products

Don’t get me wrong, coconut oil is great for many reasons but I try to keep it away from my face. I have pretty sensitive skin, and my face does not like coconut oil at all. I formulated all our products without any coconut oil because I couldn’t find a good natural skincare line that didn’t have it listed as an ingredient prior to Glo Wild’s existence and like I said– my face was not a fan.

Why your face probably won’t like it either:

Coconut oil is highly comedogenic with a rating of 4 out of 5. This means it will clog your pores and more than likely cause an ugly breakout!

It does have many amazing skin benefits, but I would keep it away from your face. Unless it works for you, then keep doing what you’re doing! It won’t irritate some skin types.

There are plenty of other natural moisturizers that are as, if not more, amazing than coconut oil so it’s pretty easy to find a substitution.

I hope you all have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you soon!

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