For me it has completely changed everything. My hair doesn’t even look like the same head of hair anymore. It has changed my hair tremendously but more than that my confidence is through the roof about my hair. I can’t believe before monat I had extensions for over 7 years to cover my real hair. I’m obsessed with these products and I will never touch another hair product!!! – Caroline M.
Before I switched my products my hair was so frizzy and dry. I did not like to wear my hair natural and I always thought that was just how my hair was going to be. now I am obsessed with my hair and it’s so thick, healthy, shiny, frizz free. I have been consistently using Monat for 2 years now and will never use anything else! – Grace V.
My mom is a hairdresser and my whole life I would cry to her and beg for thicker and longer hair like the other girls at school. We tried every product on the market and had to baby it because of how thin it was. I started straightening my curls because I hated how frizzy they were and it led to even more damage. I’m so obsessed with these products because now you can’t see through my ends anymore and It’s so much fuller and thicker! – Caitlyn C.

I could show you transformations all day, but I’d rather show you yours.

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