“I have always had a problem finding something for my skin. I don’t necessarily have “acne” per say, but my skin is very dry. When I would use any skin products, they would make my face extremely oily + then I would break out like crazy! Well the GLO SERUM is the holy grail!! It is anti-aging, bacteria fighting (perfect for a girl in the construction world) and the best part is she only uses natural ingredients! I highly recommend all of her products!” – Erin S.

“The HIPPIE GLO BUTTER smells and feels sooooo good.” – Katie C.

“The HIPPIE GLO BUTTER is the most amazing stuff. When you read the ingredients, it sounds like you could eat it. It makes my skin feel revived, soft-to-touch, and I just love this. I highly recommend discovering what it feels like to use this product. It is amazing!” – Debra S.

“The only thing we have found that helps my kids dry skin is the GLO BUTTER. Savannah is a magician.” – Madison C.

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